Meet ARJ

I'm Allie Phillips, designer and owner of Ann Revere Jewelry. The defining aspect of my work is simplicity. Every piece is handmade, by me, among the beautiful fir trees of the Pacific Northwest. I love creating beautiful, clean lines that lead to understated but interesting pieces my customers can wear every day. Due to the fact that every item is made to order, I love being able to offer customized sizes and lengths on every piece at no additional cost. I've been honored to have my jewelry worn by inspirational women including Mindy Kaling & Viola Davis.

Ann Revere Jewelry is named after my wonderful grandparents, Edna Ann & Paul Revere. They inspired creativity from an early age when my grandmother would whip up a wedding dress for my five year old self to wear or when my grandfather decided at the age of seventy three to devote his waking hours to becoming a watercolor artist.  

In college, I studied business with a focus on social entrepreneurship, an attempt to balance out the bottom line driven message of business school with what I believe should be the vital heartbeat of any company- a desire to leave this world better than we found it. After spending several years in political research and consulting, my hobby of jewelry design turned into a passion I wished to pursue full time. 

Whenever possible, I work with recycled metals and source all my material from suppliers belonging to the Responsible Jewellry Council. 

Designer & Owner, Allie Phillips | | 480.620.9362

  • Marsha Necklace
    Marsha Necklace Marsha Necklace
  • Vera Earrings
    Vera Earrings Vera Earrings
  • Monogram Pendant Necklace
    Monogram Pendant Necklace Monogram Pendant Necklace
  • Hex Studs
    Hex Studs Hex Studs
  • Elodie Earrings
    Elodie Earrings Elodie Earrings
  • Avani Necklace
    Avani Necklace Avani Necklace